Meet Jaclyn.


Jaclyn is a mom, a pharmacist, and CEO of one of the largest private ag employers on the Hamakua Coast currently employing upwards of 65 employees.


She has been a Big Island resident since 2006.Jaclyn moved to the Big Island to explore alternative complementary medicine.Upon arriving, and prior to the UH Pharmacy School opening, Jaclyn quickly rooted herself in Waimea in community pharmacy practice.She was able to use her Doctor of Pharmacy degree to help individuals and familes from Ookala to Waikoloa.“Arriving on island as a practicing pharmacist really enabled me to connect with many families on the island and find my place in the community.I was very fortunate to be so well received.”


After practicing pharmacy in Waimea for 10 years, an opportunity to join a team submitting an application for a medical cannabis license presented itself.Jaclyn was more than eager to participate.As one of the founding members of the team, Jaclyn participated in the creation of the vision and the building of what is now considered one of the largest medical cannabis companies in the State.I can tell you from experience that the medical cannabis program has created an opportunity for many families to reunited.Many of our best employees left for the mainland for education, or more opportunity, and came home when there was a chance to work within their chosen industry at home.


Navigating through the COVID reality has been challenging.Through it all we were able to stay open, taking care of patients and employees alike.As a responsible employer, Jaclyn understands what it takes to execute with excellence.“I learned quickly what it was going to take to survive and thrive.It is all about managing expectations and setting up your team for success.The decisions I have made have not always been popular, but was ALWAYS for the best interest of the greater whole.”This translates directly to how Jaclyn will make decisions as a County Council member.Jaclyn is committed to doing everything she can to incentivize resident entrepreneurs to open businesses.“We need to encourage innovation and technology every chance we get.”


Jaclyn resides on the Hamakua Coast in Hakalau.She lives off-grid with her husband, 2 daughters, and plethora of farm animals including sheep, chickens, and a donkey named Pumpkin.